21st August

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What You Need to Know

8 a.m. PDT.

Machine Learning and

Artificial Intelligence-based

Price Optimization

There is a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence and machine learning today, leaving pricing professionals with questions on how it can be applied to price optimization. This webinar is devoted to cutting through the hype and getting down to answering the questions that pricing professionals have about the use of this technology in their industry, markets and company.

Brief Intro

Different techniques that can be used and which ones are most applicable for different channels and industries

Data needs: Cleanliness, structure, and types of data

Results you can expect from price optimization and what NOT to expect

Processes for dynamic price optimization and how they differ by industry and channel

Skills of the people at your organization needed to make these efforts successful






Meet our awesome speakers

Ted Hartnell

CTO at Radar

Ted is the President and CTO of Revenue Watch – RADAR and has spent over 20 years in engineering, solution architecture and pricing analysis.

RADAR, is Artificial Intelligence (AI) software for eCommerce Big Data. RADAR generates millions of customer behavior profiles to uncover competitive dynamics. Market Simulation predicts how customers will react to change. RADAR optimizes Price, Products, Inventory, Cost, Assortment, Revenue, Market Share, and Profitability.

Gabriel Smith

VP Solution Strategy& Innovation at Price f(x)

Gabe has worked on price optimization products and projects for the last decade at leading companies across industries, partners, and software solutions. His experience includes companies like Cisco, Dell, IBM, Emerson, 3M, Praxair, Seagate, and Smith’s Group and partnering with the likes of Deloitte, IBM, PWC, and Simon Kucher.

He is currently the VP of Solution Strategy and Alliances for Price f(x). Gabe holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from UC Berkeley after deciding he would rather architect software solutions than buildings. He lives in Los Gatos, CA with his wife and 3 children and enjoys sailing, golfing, basketball and snowboarding.

Ted has an Engineering degree (EECS) from Sydney University, and an MBA from UC Berkeley. Ted’s post-graduate research was conducted at Dartmouth College.

Has 18 years of experience in Quote to Cash, CPQ, Pricing, Promotions, Consulting, Product Management, Sales and General Management.

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